Summon Horrendous Destruction

by Petrification

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    Bastard death legions from the bowels of the underworld. Petrification’s old school death metal trudge batters the flesh and smashes bone with the cruelty of an orc unleashed from hell. Their debut demo tape “Summon Horrendous Destruction” is a glorious onslaught of mummified and gross as fuck old school death metal for fans of Autopsy, Nihilist, Grave, Cruciamentum, Disma etc.

    releases March 3, 2017

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released March 3, 2017

Recorded at The Underworld Studio by Charlie Koryn

Released on tape by Sentient Ruin Laboratories



all rights reserved


Petrification Portland, Oregon

Portland Death Metal

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Track Name: Summon Horrendous Destruction
Loss is here with atrocity
Lie in fear beg for Sympathy
To deaf ears falls your dithery
None can hear screams of misery

Summon Horrendous Destruction
The Will is bound to the Flesh
I call upon the Servant
Living amongst the Dead

In the Depths, Shadows wait
Kill Them Now, with your hate

Spins Her web, cast your fate
Pray for life, it’s too late

The spiders are crawling in your flesh
You can feel the insanity of conscious breath
As the spawns of hell burrow deep inside
The spiders are crawling in your flesh

End is near, paralyzed in Fear
Beg for life, certain Death is here
Eaten alive, Time to suffocate
As you die, Soon to dissipate
Track Name: Stagnation of Transmigration
I fall into Darkness
As I slowly decay
Putrid eternal damnation
Cursed form of Existence

Decay! Decay! Decay!

I hear the Winds of Rest
Howling from Depths Below
Calling for us to fall

They are sent here in suffering
I am sent here as conquering
For I assume the Death Posture
Let Chaos take me, Transcend this Coil

The torturing of God in his sacred realm
Crush Angelic Prophecy, the Severing of the Self
Bare Your Darkened Soul
Blackened fields appear
Stare into Formless Voids
As your End is near
Track Name: The Headless One
The final Seal is broken
Corruption of the Therion
Leads the Procession
Within dark Eternity
As countless heinous specters
Follow decaying Light

Descend towards insanity
Silence echoes Mortality
Call forth eternal extinction
Malignant ethereal infection

They stand in Horror
To the Gods of Below
Conjure all the Ancients
Become One with Nothing

Lust for the End
The final Expiation
Has taken it’s toll
Staining Paths Within
As You Cross the Abyss
Where only rot exists
The Time has come
All you adore coming undone

Coming Undone!
The Time is here to come undone!
Track Name: Desecrators of Conscious Entropy
Lost within ancient Philosophy
The cryptic shards crystallize
Hollow traditions riddled with lies

Descend within Hellish Inferno!
Traverse down poisonous paths!

You will not live to see
Past unfolding underneath me
Follow the Darkened Sun
Lucifer, the severed goat

Why is it cold and dark?
Here no life exists

Where is the law of man?
In nothingness we rule ourselves

What is the final plan?
Enemies trampled under hoof

We are the chosen sent to conquer the elite
Harbingers of the Apocalypse; Symbiotic Flesh

This is the sound of the dark night
Join us now as we slay the light

In The Past
In the Now